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. Turn around and walk away. Waiting for a distance, I stopped and sighed, opened the fried chestnuts in my arms, and a hot air came to my face. My eyes were wet, and the smile of the old man appeared in my mind. Now I want to come. It is really kind. Warm and fragrant, one side of the edge, it is infinitely reminiscent, just because of that one thought [review] a warm corner of the street corner, leading to a homesickness in a foreign country. The familiar five-star red flag on the car touched everyone's heart all the time. The thoughts in the author's heart represent the feelings of every homesick person. The pristine language perfectly outlines the image of the old man and is impressive. The heat of the chestnuts not only warmed the author Wholesale Cigarettes , but warmed us. [Part 2] On the one hand, he is a landscape, and I met this scenery, it is a snowy day in my hometown. In the rural areas, although the cement roads are mostly, there are many dirt roads that retain the original state. The most troublesome thing is that once it rains and snows, it is muddy and the vehicle is difficult. And that road, extending in all directions, is also the way I must go to the Xiaogu family. Just after the snow, the snow washed the road muddy and slippery, everywhere there were puddles and mud ponds. I looked at this road and stopped Marlboro Lights . If you go all the way, you will inevitably have to take a muddy mud and a muddy water back. I was thinking, I saw him suddenly. I can't tell his age, but the silver hair tells the traces of my years. The body is thin and thin like the victims in the famine, but the bamboo-like body seems to be full of vitality, and it seems very powerful, showing young people who are not in harmony with age. The wrinkles on his face seemed to be carved out of the knife. It was about a centimeter deep Newport Cigarettes Coupons , and the beard covered the upper lip. It was already white, and the corners of the mouth rose upwards, very loving. He was waving a broom and sweeping the snow and mud on the road to both sides. It was a bamboo broom. He was free to control, and his elbows shook gently. The mud and the snow slammed to the side. He swept very seriously, the road was barely able to go, still sweeping; already can't see the snow and mud, and still sweeping, as if to clear the dirt road out of the texture of the cement road. He was burying his head and cleaning, and he smiled at the pedestrian. When the pedestrian saw the road behind him, he hurriedly ran over and left a sentence in the wind: "Thank you for being sure, this road is so muddy that every pedestrian has to complain two times, but no one thought of cleaning up. Something? I am stunned. I don��t know when the old man has swept to the end of the road and stepped on a small tricycle parked on the side of the road to leave. I quickly stepped forward and used a hard dialect. He asked where he lived. He smiled heartily and laughed like a bell. He replied, I was even more shocked. The place where he lived, even if the tricycle had to take at least two hours. I thought he was cleaning the road. People are self-interested, but they never thought that this is purely profitable! I looked at the wrinkles on his face again, and the unforgettable eyes and tricycles went away, carrying the scenery.
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