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Topic-icon The advantages of setting up an online store

Affordable: There are many ways to start a new e-commerce store with little or no overhead
Easy: sometimes you don't even have to get your own product; Some e-commerce stores operate thanks to drop shipping
Options: Whether you are a technical expert or a complete beginner, there is an e-commerce platform that meets your needs
If you are in the initial planning stages of launching your ecommerce website, you can mitigate yourself to avoid choosing a design before deciding on the basic types of ecommerce features you'll need to incorporate. Some of these features are already included in some e-commerce platforms, while others may need to be customized.
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No matter which method you plan to incorporate, here are the basic types of ecommerce features you need to succeed online.

Ease of use
Simplicity is a sign of good design, and 76% of consumers agree. They say the most important feature of a good site is its ease of use.
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With ease of use, this means helping shoppers get what they want faster and without the unnecessary complexity that could ultimately deter their purchase. You can implement this concept by:

Create shopping categories
Adding filters
Integration of comparison capabilities
In addition, make it easy to find customer reviews, frequently asked questions, and information about the types of e-commerce policies you adhere to (such as shipping and returns) to help buyers make decisions faster.

Invest in a simple, clutter-free website design and make sure your website loads as quickly as people browse.

Site speed
Site speed is an indicator of an easy-to-use website that attracts many parallels with the ability to convert visitors. Online sellers have a second letter to make a sale as shrinking attention spans (8 seconds, smaller than a goldfish) affect e-commerce buying behavior.

51% of U.S. online shoppers point to slow times to download a site as a major reason to drop purchases, and these slow download sites cost the U.S. e-commerce market more than $ 500 billion annually. Based on data monitoring of real user activity from 33 major sellers, increasing website speed from 8 to 2 seconds can increase your conversion rate by 74%.

Mobile friendly
Another key feature of the ecommerce features you'll need to make your site easier to use is mobile optimization.

People spend more than half of their time on mobile phones (compared to computers), a trend that also applies to online shopping. If you still think mobile optimization is optional, don't do that. Google will penalize sites that are not optimized for mobile. Mobile websites are better for SEO. The first mobile user experience is one of the four main signs.

If you have the resources, consider creating a built-in mobile app within the app. Of the five hours reported daily that people spend on their mobile phones, 92% of that is spent within apps.

Here are some tips on how to design for mobile if you just started.

Related Items
As an online entrepreneur, your primary motivation for starting an e-commerce store related to earning money may be. Even if the number 2 or number 3 are on your motivation list, earning money is still important to keep your business up.

Help increase order totals by connecting visitors to more of your products by posting related items. You can do this through similar product categories, "People Who Bought This Item Also Searched For", and Comparison Jobs.

To put this into context, say for example that you sell laptops. Increase sales by suggesting related accessories: laptop skins, bags, etc.

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