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Does nebulizer cause weight gain? Weight gain is a less common medication side effect when steroids are taken through asthma inhalers as opposed to oral medications because the doses administered through asthma inhalers are far lower and go straight to the lungs, explains Gerbstadt. Lack of exercise can contribute to weight gain.
Is budesonide the same as albuterol? Budesonide is used to help prevent the symptoms of asthma. This medicine keeps the airways of your child's lungs healthy when your child uses it regularly. You may also hear budesonide called by its brand name, Pulmicort. Budesonide comes as an inhaler, or as a liquid to use in a nebulizer machine.
Is budesonide the same as Pulmicort? What is budesonide inhalation (Pulmicort Flexhaler, Pulmicort Respules)? Budesonide is a steroid that reduces inflammation in the body. Budesonide may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.
Can asthma come back later in life? Childhood Asthma Often Recurs as Adult. -- Many children with asthma appear to outgrow the disease by their mid- to late teens. "Patients who have a relapse likely have had a change in environment that provokes airway inflammation to the point where asthma symptoms recur."
Can allergic asthma cured? There is no cure for asthma. However, there are medical treatments that can prevent allergic reactions as well as treat asthma symptoms. Inhaled corticosteroids: This medication helps to reduce airway inflammation and prevent asthma symptoms.
What is inside of an inhaler? The most common is the metered dose inhaler (MDI). This uses a chemical propellant to push the medication out of the inhaler. Nebulizers deliver fine liquid mists of medication through a tube or a "mask" that fits over the nose and mouth, using air or oxygen under pressure.
Why can't asthmatics use ibuprofen? If you have asthma and are aspirin-sensitive, using these products may cause severe bronchospasm, which can be life-threatening. Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs work by inhibiting a protein called cyclooxygenase. It's not clear why some people with asthma are overly sensitive to these inhibitors.
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